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Flaw detection tests of poles were carried in Elgartova Street in Brno on May 14. ...more


The municipal superstructure unit has been developed specially for the DATMO system for the collection of the data not related directly to the operation of the street lighting system. Such data includes reading of other secondary electricity meters and the possibility to monitor 8 arbitrary binary inputs and to switch 8 binary outputs that can connect directly 230V AC contactor coils. The inputs are designated for monitoring the statuses of switching components through their auxiliary contacts. Each output can be controlled with a separate calendar. This feature can be utilized for the control of amenity lighting that is independent of the street lighting system and is connected to the RVO switchboard with a separate cable. The CPU DATMO KN has its own (internal) 220V/+12V DC power supply. It can be used as an independent eightfold switching clock. The unit is fitted with two serial ports. A USB port for communication with SW Dloader and an RS 485 port (backbone line) for communication with other components of the DATMO system. The USB port can be substituted by the IRDa port positioned under the cover on the left-hand side.

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