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CPU DATMO RVO control unit

The CPU DATMO RVO control unit is a principal component of the DATMO modular system. It is intended for the collection and processing of data from the street lighting switchboards. Full utilization is achieved in RVO standard switchboards from DatmoLUX a.s. Unit parameter setting can be performed from the panel using keys or by means of the Dloader service program which is intended for trained operators.

CPU DATMO RVO control unit

CPU DATMO RVO is fed with +12/+24V,1A DC power. An LCD display of 128 x 64 is used for data display. Functional modes can be selected using s keys. There is a multifunctional key in the right-hand part of the unit for operations in individual modes. If a switchboard is in a condition assessed by CPU as an error, the "Err" LED in the top right-hand part of the unit lights up. The unit has the dimensions of 250 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm and can be mounted on a DIN rail.

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