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This is amenity lighting of the facade of the church from Husova Street. 9 250W floodlights (with electromagnetic gear) are used in total; they are checked and turned off at 12:00...more

OVZ DATMO power supply

The OVZ DATMO power supply is a universal +12V DC power supply unit (max.5A). It has been designed for feeding DATMO system components in RVO switchboards supplied by DATmoLUX a.s. The power supply is intended even for feeding a radio modem which can withdraw up to 3.5A at maximum transmission performance. The power supply unit is backed up with a BAT 12V/12Ah accumulator. The power supply allows for operation-free maintenance.

OVZ DATMO power supply

The OVZ DATMO power supply consists of 8 separately protected 12V power supply circuits. 6 circuits (150mA) are intended for feeding the other components of the DATMO system and 1 circuit (3.5A) is designated specially for communication link feeding. Each of the circuits is provided with its own protection through a fuse and with fuse status indication with LED. The power supply is fitted with two connectors (input and output RJ) for connection to the RS485 backbone line. Infrared and USB ports are hidden under the cover on the left-hand part of the power supply unit. These ports are intended for service purposes.

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