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This is amenity lighting of the facade of the church from Husova Street. 9 250W floodlights (with electromagnetic gear) are used in total; they are checked and turned off at 12:00...more

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Electronic ballasts Harvard - fluorescent lamps

Download Produktový list Midget - předřadník pro zářivkové výbojky DK - předřadník pro zářivkové výbojky CDX55 - ELektronický předřadník určený pro zářivkové výbojky - Le...more

Electronic ballasts Harvard - LED drivers

Download Produktový list údaje o výkonnosti standardní, nestmívatelné proudové zdroje standardní, nestmívatelné zdroje do 10W proudový zdroj 270mA i stmívatelné verze pr...more

Electronic ballasts Harvard – HPIDD

Download Produktový list CoolPower - Rapid Plug - zapojeno ve vteřině HPIDD - 250W elektronický předřadník pro vysokotlaké výbojky (venkovní použití) Stmívatelný elektroni...more

Harvard electronic gears

DATmoLUX a.s. obtained exclusive representation for the sale of Harvard Engineering control electronic installations in the Czech and Slovak markets on November 1, 2010. Harvard En...more

Maintenance management module

The maintenance management module consists of error message registration, formation of work instructions for elimination of such errors and completion of reports on work execution ...more

On-line module

The On-line module enables the display of information on the actual status of individual street lighting components. If RVO switchboards and individual lamps are provided with elec...more

ELS – wiring diagrams

The wiring diagrams module enables the display of electric interconnection of the cable network. It checks network integrity after each change of connection and enables the calcula...more

GIS – data specification

The GIS module allows collection of data on street lighting property and locations in a map background document. The map background document can be of both raster and vector format...more

Street lighting control systems

The SW DATMO RVO system represents a complex solution for work with information from the field of street lighting. It is modular software which covers all issues from property spec...more

Measuring and control – MaR

The MaR department has been maintaining the MaR system in the collector network in the city of Brno for a long period. It ensures development and maintenance of both hardware and s...more

Lighting pole stability testing

Roch – Municipal responsibility Current situation Municipal authorities have the duty of looking after the safety of the building equipment committed. However, how can an autho...more


Product list download The DATMO Control system is a simple system of control of "intelligent" electronic gears with a control line for lamp performance switching or it can be ...more


Product list download The municipal superstructure unit has been developed specially for the DATMO system for the collection of the data not related directly to the operation ...more

OVZ DATMO power supply

Product list download The OVZ DATMO power supply is a universal +12V DC power supply unit (max.5A). It has been designed for feeding DATMO system components in RVO switchboard...more

SPP DATMO current sensor

Product list download The current sensor supplied by DATmoLUX a.s. is intended for contactless measuring of currents in street lighting cables. It has been designed as a sep...more

Street lighting switchboards

DATmoLUX a.s. produces its own range of street lighting switchboards. From the simplest switchboards which are controlled with a yearly switching clock or optical sensors, up to in...more

Lamps for street lighting systems

Product list download Výbojkové svítidlo DENY Výbojkové svítidlo DENY WL Výbojkové svítidlo DLT74 Výbojkové svítidlo DLT86 Výbojkové svítidlo DLT102 Výbojkové svítidlo ...more

MSB system – light point monitoring

Product list download MSB MSB WL The MSB system has been developed for monitoring the operational statuses of individual lamps. It is intended for lamps with both ...more

CPU DATMO RVO control unit

Product list download The CPU DATMO RVO control unit is a principal component of the DATMO modular system. It is intended for the collection and processing of d...more

Street lighting – DATMO modular system

The DATMO modular system contains electronic components from which it is possible to assemble intelligent technologies for the field of street lighting. It is intended for construc...more

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