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Safety always comes first. How can a town or municipality decide which pole is in a good shape, and which one might pose a risk? Visual inspection or measuring the wall strength with ultrasound are not sufficient.

We provide a non-destructive test method (also known as the Roch method) to check the strength and stability of the poles. This method is modern, globally recognized, and certified.

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Based on the Roch method, we evaluate the safety of your system and propose the right solution for each pole.

Ease Your Budget

General poles replacement (e.g., based only on the installation date) causes unnecessary costs for the municipal budget. An urgent replacement is necessary for only 4 to 6% of tested poles. An economical solution is to exclude undamaged poles from the replacement plan.

How the Roch Method Works

Roch – Services GmBH is a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified testing laboratory with relevant competencies in pole strength and stability tests. The Roch method is a globally patented and non-destructive test for pole systems. It allows for a fast, uncomplicated, and cost-effective test of strength and stability.


The stability of pole systems consists of pole strength and anchoring stability.


The Roch method artificially induces wind load. The test is evaluated using a diagram drawn by electric sensors (dependence of deflection and displacement on applied force).


The Roch method examines both the material strength and the pole's anchoring.


Main Advantages for You

  1. Significant savings. You don't replace safe poles.
  2. Legal certainty and responsibility against compensation for damages caused.
  3. An advanced maintenance system.