Smart-controlled Lighting


All provided hardware comes from our own development; we do not use third-party products in our installations. We adhere to the principles of the Smart City concept.

Using the so-called DATMO Construction Kit, we customize the HW system solution to your needs, regardless of the size of the municipality. It's no longer valid that only large cities can afford quality lighting at the 21st-century level.

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We manufacture all switchboards, from simple versions to fully equipped boards with advanced communication possibilites. The variably constructed mounting cage allows the future expansion of the switchboard's equipment.


Wireless Lighting Communication Module MSB-C

The wireless system for the lighting control is designed for both outdoor and indoor systems. It is fully compatible with DATmoLUX brand luminaries as well as products from other manufacturers.


Certified Lighting of Our Own Brand

We offer our own comprehensive range of LED lights with full certification. DATmoLUX branded lights meet the requirements of the latest standards and correspond with their parameters to the emphasis on efficiency. Both in terms of budget and the environment.

Certified Lighting of Our Own Brand

Gateway System - a simple and cheap control option

Do you want more functions from your recent switchboard, but it's not prepared for it? No problem. Use the Gateway system, which we have developed specifically for this case.

We integrate the Gateway system into the existing switchboard (if there is enough space inside), or we provide it in a separate cage, that is fully compatible with the DATMO RVO software.

Another alternative is placing the cage in a suitable place within the public lighting network. In both cases, you will set up and control the system using a USB device, through which you upload information simply via Wi-Fi.

Gateway System - a simple and cheap control option