Smart-controlled Lighting

Light up spaces smartly and efficiently

We light up cities, villages, factories, offices, shopping centers, and sports halls.

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We are leaders in intelligent public lighting control for both large cities and small municipalities. We supply our developed, fully certified software and hardware for wireless lighting control.

We'll handle your project from the beginning until the finish. And we'll be just one phone call away whenever you need us.


We'll design a turnkey solution for you. We'll assist with obtaining grants. We'll install the entire system, down to the last screw and a mouse click. We'll provide long-term technical support and regular maintenance.

Public Lighting

Ceremonial Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Turnkey Lighting Implementation in Nine Steps

The journey to modern lighting doesn't have to be complicated. Contact us, and we'll custom-design a project that perfectly reflects your requirements.

We're adaptable. We'll provide you with complete solution, including hardware, or modernize your existing lighting infrastructure to communicate in accordance with the latest standards.


Personal Visit and Customer Needs Analysis

Let's discuss how we can help you. We'll introduce you to our solutions from both software and hardware perspective.


Inventory of the Public Lighting System

We'll inspect your current lighting system status and document everything for future use. Unlike conventional inventory methods, we go further, mapping out the cable network in detail. That provides you with a comprehensive overview of the system as a whole.


System Optimization Proposal

Based on the inventory, we'll prepare an optimization proposal for the public lighting system and assist you with any related administrative tasks concerning your electricity supplier.


Project Documentation and Master Plan for Public Lighting

Our experts will assemble all the documentation needed to commence a renewal or construction project for a public lighting system. We will provide you with the master plan, which is the foundation for all the calculations.


Proposal for the Public Lighting Control System

Considering your needs, we'll design the ideal public lighting control system solution, utilizing our software and hardware, such as switchboards and luminaires.


Cost Estimation and Return on Investment Calculation

Considering the project documentation, you'll receive a complete cost breakdown for each phase. That includes a calculation of the return on investment for modernization.


Software and Hardware Installation

Let's get to work. In line with the project, we'll supply the hardware, manage the electrical installation, and connect the system to the installed wireless control interface. We also oversee the construction process.


Project Handover, Review, and Staff Training

Upon completion, we'll hand over the finished project and provide thorough training for the operating staff. We'll also arrange the production of a electrical audit report for you.


Hardware and Software Maintenance

Our relationship doesn't end after the first switch-on. We're at your service whenever you require warranty or post-warranty help. Regular software updates are matter of course, ensuring you experience no inconvenience.


Defectoscopy - Testing the Strength and Stability of Poles

We offer a non-destructive testing method (also known as the Roch Method) for assessing the strength and stability of poles. This testing technique is modern and globally recognized.

Based on the Roch Method, we evaluate the safety of your system and suggest the most suitable solution for each individual pole.